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Brent Rector’s WinFX (paperbound) book

January 22, 2004

I’ve been reading Brent Rector’s chapters/articles[1] on MSDN, but I was excited to see this entry on Kent Tegel’s blog.  He links to Brent Rector’s WinFX MS Press book on BookPool.  Discounted price and it comes in tangible paperbound form.  Awesome.

Now the book might contain the same content as what has been posted on MSDN for free, but I still ordered it.  When I am going to read that much, I like to get out of computer chair and go to a more comfortable reading place, couch, porch, what have you.

Buy a Tablet PC you might say, hmmm…but then I will still have light shining into my eyes when I am trying to consume a multi-hundred page work of literature, and the fear of spilling my drink on a multi-hundred dollar reusable book.

[1]Introduction to Longhorn

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