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Ocel: Longhorn RSS Aggregator

February 19, 2004

So here it is.

[Download Here]

I wanted to test drive some of what WinFS has to offer so I thought what better thing to store than RSS Feeds.  Of course I needed a GUI to manage all of those feeds for me.

One of the neat things is that the body of the selected RSS Item is hosted in a TextPanel sitting inside of AdaptiveMetricsContext which enables the text to resize based upon the space available.

This is a very alpha version, and only supports a limited set of RSS (it expects RSS 2.0).  The RSS Item has limited parsing and is currently only grabbing <p> tags and turning them into Paragraphs.

I have really enjoyed this project and plan to add more features in the future.

If you test it out and find any bugs or have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

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