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Running around the U.S.

March 11, 2004

I’ve been out of town for the last couple days.  I was explaining my travels in an email, and I thought it was kind of interesting so I’ll share here.

I drove down to Indianapolis last Thursday night and stayed at friend’s house over night.  My friend drove me to the Indianapolis airport in the morning and I flew to Orlando.  I was picked up and driven to Daytona Beach.  I hung out there until Monday Morning, where I then packed a rental truck full of stuff and I departed in the truck after lunch.  I then drove the truck to Montgomery, TN where I stopped for the night.  I woke up, and started driving again.  I got back to Fort Wayne, IN around 4:30, had people come over to help unload the truck.  I then took the truck to the rental drop-off place and then Erik Porter and I left Fort Wayne about 6:30 and headed for Chicago.  We stayed the night in a hotel and then in the morning we ran off to Dev Days – Chicago.  After Dev Days we met up with some other .NETHeads at RockBottom.  Good drinks and good conversation ensued and Erik and I did not leave Chicago till late in the night.  We got back to Fort Wayne around 2:30am, passed out, woke up and went to work.

So that’s it, now pack to our regularly scheduled program…

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