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Eliyon Networking Fun Finds

March 15, 2004

Gretch Ledgard pointed out one of her favorite recruiting tools called Eliyon Networking.  Its like job history wrapper for Google.  Its pretty interesting and has apparently been crawling the web for a while as it boasts 19million+ individuals in the database.

So I thought I’d take it for a spin and test how smart their service inteprets the english language.  Here’s two interesting individuals listed in the results.

  1. Linux Over Solaris – Ok, this one was actually pointed out by Gerod, as a comment on Gretchen’s post.  But I thought it was noteworthy.
  2. Chris Pratley – Now the free sample search says it is listing past employees.  But Chris Pratley seems to be happily working on OneNote and blogging about it.

Now here’s the top ten list of best positions at Microsoft (listed in Eliyon):

  1. Youngest Corporate Account Executive –  An interesting position, you are transferred or fired as soon a younger executive is promoted or hired.
  2. Founder – Truly an easy position to be entitled.  All you need to do is be the founder of a company that uses the word “Microsoft“ somewhere on the same page.
  3. Same Position – A truly stagnant position.  No room to move up and no room to move down.
  4. Just a certificate – This guy is really just a certificate.  No skills, no value.  Hhmm, I think I actually know a couple people with this job…
  5. Asks Judge to Bar Reporters – Find every judge you can and ask them to bar reporters..from everything.  No reporters, just, um… bloggers!
  6. Fifteenth Employee – In Solaris, Groups are only allowed 15 members.  This is the last guy added to every group, just to keep things evened out.
  7. Director of Diversity – This actually a valid position at Microsoft, sounds pretty easy.  “Listen Carl, we are going to need you to change your taste in music.  You’re listening to the same music as the guy across the hall.  That’s just not diverse enough.“
  8. Talking Head – Really he’s just a Talking Head.  Its funny because the text they scraped this from, prefaces Talking Head with “not just a“.  Maybe negatives will be intepreted in version 2.
  9. The “One““…being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you are in love, you just know it, through and through.“ So I think this is the guy just spreads the Microsoft love or something…
  10. ““ – Empty set.  String.Empty;  This is the best job, because you’re not really Nothing or null, you’re just something.

So that’s it.  Elyion appears to be a valuable service, with some entertaining mishaps.

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