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Scoble’s experimental blog

April 9, 2004

Scoble asks what users think of his experimental rapid-fire blog.

My first opinion on the whole thing was not favorable, I didn’t really understand why he needed another one.  But then I actually looked at it and started using it.

Now with information consumption as my main addiction, I find times at work where I am waiting, waiting for something to compile, waiting for a website to copy to the production servers.  During this time I want (need) something to read.  So how do I get these good short bits to read in those painful periods of time?

In the morning I open Mozilla FireFox to Scoble’s experimental blog, then open up all of the interesting posts as new tabs.  Throughout the day I read the through the tabbed blog posts and my addiction is fed.

Aahhh…That’s better.

Maybe for people to understand it more the experimental blog needs to be rebranded as Scoble Spew or Scoble Stream or something like that.

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