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My email is junk

April 13, 2004

Today while working on a website that sends email messages when certain events occur, I became very confused.

The code was simple, thanks to System.Web.Mail, no more CDO, CDONTS or MAPI. I would trigger the event to send the email and every once and awhile I’d get the email. Ack the worst kind of problem, trying to solve something inconsistent. Blah.

So I checked everything on the server (Windows 2003), everything looked good. Then I thought about the pattern of the emails that actual came through. When testing, the first one always made it through, but the following did not.

Then I found the missing emails, they were hiding in my Junk Mail folder. Apparently Outlook 2003 looks at how quickly emails come through from non-trusted addresses and had decided that my own test emails, with my email as the From address were junk.

Ahh, thanks Outlook, I was embarrassed and elated at the same time.

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