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Google doesn’t like name changes

April 27, 2004

This is an odd occurance in Googledom.

So I work at Aptera.  We have a product called the PSA Scorecard, but from November to Febraury it was called the PSE Scorecard.  Since the strategic name change in Febraury, Google hasn’t recognized our site.  If you search for PSE Scorecard you get this, the domain comes up as the 5th entry on the page.  But if you search for the PSA Scorecard, it never shows up, all you get are my blog entries because it is listed in my side navigation.

Its confusing because I know that Google pays great attention to the title and domain name.  So you would think that after almost three months the PSA Scorecard ould show up somewhere in the first ten pages.

Any ideas?
(other than we need to enlist the aid of SEO experts if we want to boost our Google juice.  We can’t even get our product name up there…)

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