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NextFest for programmers

May 8, 2004

I was checking out the WIRED NEXTFest website, which previews a few of the exhibits, like flying cars, robot butlers and Invisibility Coats(think of the Predator movies, not Harry Potter).  And of course, this stuff is very cool and exciting, but it all seems very focused on engineering.  These people make material things that others can see.  I can’t completely relate, I spend most of my time pushing bits and pixels around all day (and night).

I am just wondering if there is any conference like this for programmers.  Some non-specific (meaning open-source or proprietary) programming convention, where you get to see the most amazing stuff that people are doing with their virtual creations.

Is there any existing conference that matches this description?  Any thoughts on if this is a bad or good idea?

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