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Domain Names Abbreviated

June 3, 2004

Recently Chris Sells posted about winfx.com and how it redirects to the Longhorn Developer Center.  As someone who doesn’t really use Favorites this is a great shortcut to have.  Just type “winfx” in the address bar, hit Ctrl+Enter and you’re there.

Two other domain name shortcuts I know of are wmlah which leads to the WatchingMicrosoftLikeAHawk site and msdn which finally leads to the Microsoft Developer Network site.  I say finally, because this is a recnt change.  I know that for at least a year the domain name “msdn.com” was owned by a third-party he just posted a link to direct you to the Microsoft MSDN site.  I wonder how much that guy made when he sold the domain name…

Do you know of any other shortcut domain names I’m missing?

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