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Atom 1.0 is out, and I’m digging it

July 19, 2005

I’ve been following Atom since the beginning, (even suggested a few names for it), and I’m very pleased to see Atom 1.0 making its way towards completion.

So why Atom over RSS? Tim Bray has a comparision between the two written up here. But let me tell you what I like about it:

  • the overall schema – appears more well-formed and many elements are built in with out deriving from an outside namespace.
  • Multiple content type support – think text, XHTML, video
  • summary and content elements – a great way to provide a summary of content for republishing purposes
  • No more strongly typed blog/rss elements (webMaster, managingEditor, docs, cloud, ttl, etc..) – you gain simple elements such as author and contributor, which have a specified way to list names and emails

That’s just a little bit to get me started. I’ll now finish building my atom feed for this site and play with it a bit. I’ll also have to find a “Longhorn (heart) Atom” shirt now.

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