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Working on Ch9’s validity

August 30, 2005

It happened in scoble’s mudpit, it happened in the redesign thread, it happens often. Some people heard about the new Channel9 redesign and instantly checked how well we validate according to the w3c’s validator. Well, the first day we didn’t look too good. When joeclark left his comment we had 120 validation errors. Not so good.

That stuck with me over the weekend and I analyzed the results. I came in this morning and after a few minutes of simple work we’re now down to 8 errors. And its funny I would say about 88% of those errors were caused due to missing "alt" attributes for images. And out of the existing errors only one can be attributed to ASP.Net, where the name attribute of the form element is rendered. I double checked in the ASP.Net 2.0 beta and this deprecated attribute is no longer used. The other one that does not have a clear solution is the VIEWASTEXT empty attribute/statement for the object element. I’m going to research some more and see what I can do with it to make it valid.

Channel9 was one of the first Microsoft sites to implement such a flexible RSS model, now we’ve got Tagging, so now, why not show a little love for standards?

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