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And the fun begins at PDC…

September 11, 2005

Yes, the week has finally come, PDC is here. I got in last night and the fun had already begun. A few of us met up with some Niners and other ‘Softies at the Westin, pictures here (no I was not wasted, that was a mock angry fce while waiting for my food).

This is my first PDC as a staff member so its been a joy watching the whole setup. There’s so much going on and so much new stuff to talk about its going to be great. Today I was sitting in one of the crew rooms working on a website that I can’t talk about, while listening to Scoble interview some guys about the content of the website I can’t talk about.

But that’s the best part. We will be able to talk about new stuff after its been released this week. Its funny when we were all getting ready to leave this week it reminded me of that old feeling of the last few days of school before summer. Everyone is so excited to share what they’ve been working on and now is the time.

Prepare to be shock and awed.

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