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Channel 9 Guy is let of the bag

September 13, 2005

The first big 9 guy sighting at PDC05

So its really cool that every attendee now has their own personal little foam Channel 9 guy. But that’s nothing compared to the real thing. We let the 9 guy out of the bag and talked to Attendees about heading to the live .Net Rocks show tonight.

I’m not sure how many people we got to go to the show, but people sure love the big guy. I felt like one of the character handlers at Disney World. People were handing me their cameras left and right for photo ops.

In the picture from left to right is me, 9guy, and my boss Jeff Sandquist, who originally posted the picture on Flickr. There’s a lot of photos showing up on the PDC05 tagged page. I expect to see even more now that the whole crowd is here for the big opening day tomorrow.

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