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Post PDC Thoughts

September 21, 2005

The great hurricane that was PDC is now over. The calm has set after the storm and developers have run home to play with their juicy betas, CTPs and MS and other business cards.

I personally had a great time. We launched the MicrosoftGadgets site; we revealed the short 9 guys and 9 guy bean bags and took the big 9 guy for a walk a few times; had two songs burnt into my brain (The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done and our very own Channel 9 song; had a fun time hanging out with Niners (Ian has posted some great tips on attending the PDC); got to hang out with the newly expanded Xamlon team, my old place of employment (I was sure to reprimand them for not having a current blog); attended the official NineTeam meetup, where we gave away 1,600 limited edition PDC shirts in 21 minutes; discovered the little msdn webcasts guy which unknowingly to the 9 guy is one of his long lost relatives; was able to see the scarab application realized, which was an information aggregator written in WPF that was displayed on all of the plasma screens around the venue; got to meet and hang out with other Microsofties I don’t run into much , notably Manuel Clement, product designer for "Sparkle" Interactive Designer and a guy I knew from Were-Here and UT years ago, and the Telligent team at the Community Server BOF.

And with all that I still tried to attend as many sessions as I could. Most of them were WPF-based as per my interests. Most Informative session for me was the Atlas Part 1 presentation. I hadn’t looked much at Atlas before and Shanku Niyogi did a good job of presenting code samples and an explanation of how they envision the developer story for Atlas. Most Entertaining session for me was the "WCF + WPF = Magic" talk given by Doug Purdy and Chris Sells. They two guys appeared to be having a lot of fun as well as the crowd and it turned into kind of a carnival of events. Plus I had helped them out by providing the graphics for them that got a few laughs. Of course its fun to see your on work displayed up on the big screen.

So that’s it, well that’s all I’m going to type out about it for now. I’m very excited to that we now have all of this new code and information out(I personally have been following the Sparkle rumor for a long time). Now PDC is over it’s time to move on at work. Lots of new interesting projects should be coming out as well as some of my own personal fun projects.

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