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Conceptual RSS Icons for IE7

October 8, 2005

Ok so go check out the rss icon… entry on the RSSTeam blog if you haven’t seen it.

First off, I’m a little suprised they are planning so many different states for the RSS icon. Most of the comments seem to think they are only choosing one which is what we are used today. Five or so, seem a bit much to me, but I can see having two: subscribe and unsubscribe. As about half of the comments mentioned they like #3 as do I. But I’d like to tweak it a bit. Drop the spark and make it a plus sign:

subscribe rss

And then change to a minus if you are already subscribed.

unsubscribe rss

Both icons seem to scale better than the spark as well:

subscribe rss miniunsubscribe rss mini

That’s my vote.

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