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Clipster is here!

October 13, 2005

One crazy idea and about 9 days of hard work has resulted in the Clipster. A new feature of the Channel 9 site which, simply put, allows you to save clips of videos to your profile. The idea is that you can then share the clips (all clips get a permalink), and refer back to certain parts of videos via your profile.

For example, here’s a clip of the Sparkle video on Channel9. Since its a clip I’ve saved, it jumps right ahead to the demo given by Manuel. And a sweet demo it is.

We’ve also provided a screencast which demonstrates exactly how to use Clipster. Which, of course, was recorded just a few minutes before publishing the site.

The goal was to make the feature drop-dead simple to do and also not to interrupt the viewing experience. In order to do this all sorts of Javascript/DHTML wizardry was woven to avoid postbacks and keep things moving along. It was fun getting back into JavaScript and I believe it rekindled the fire to really make some cool web experiences (read, new blog ui coming soon). I plan to do a longer write-up, beyond this post, of the process of bringing this fun little feature together.

Here’s Jeff talking about and Scoble’s post and so far we’ve gotten some pretty good reviews from Niners.

One caveat to Clipster, currently it only works in IE (surprise!). But, I’d love to get it working in other browsers, and this is something I’ll be looking towards for the next release.

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