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Microsoftgadgets.com goes live

November 1, 2005

Jeff mentioned it here, but last night we published the new and improved MicrosoftGadgets.com site to coincide with the announcements made by Microsoft today (good coverage on Memeorandum). A troubelsome deployment, but everything worked out in the end.

So we’ve got a new look and feel. The Gadget Gallery, a central location for sharing gadgets. Forums, a place for the community to get together and talk about Gadgets. And we announced the MicrosoftGadgets.com "Build a Gadget" contest where you can win an XBOX 360! (wish I was eligible…)

Under the covers, the site is still running CommunityServer at its core. My goal during development, was to lay our custom UI layer on top of the CS code as seamlessly as possible. The majority of the time, this was actually pretty simple to do by inheriting from the CS controls and overriding when needed. As far as custom data access goes (we do have a few custom objects in the sql db), this was done by leveraging the data provider model. In short, we wouldn’t have been able to turn this site around so quickly and had such rich forum and blog functionality without Community Server. Definitely a great resource and I’m really looking forward to their next release.

All in all, I’m very excited about MicrosoftGadgets.com and looking forward to watching community grow.

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