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Source code for custom live.com gadgets

November 2, 2005

Since the launch of the MicrosoftGadgets site, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the source code of the gadgets featured in our gallery. Most likely because at launch all gadgets were accredited to my account. Credits are being properly assigned as users sign on. but anyways, I’ll show you how to find the source code.

The fun part about the live.com gadget platform is that its open in nature. Its all JavaScript, xml and css. So let’s take a look at the Virtual Earth gadget. Once you have the manifest xml url (found today by the lame framed AddGadget page. This will be replaced with a single-click to live.com asap), you will see a list of component files. The first one listed is a link to the gadget’s .js file. Open it up and there you have all of the code. Remember please respect any copyrights and the common courtesy of letting the creator know you dig their gadget so much you peeped at their code.

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