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GotDotNet Birthday Party this Friday

November 15, 2005

GotDotNet is having a birthday party this Friday celebrating its fifth year. GotDotNet.com was where I spent a lot of time learning about .NET back in 2001. I was a Flash/ASP/VB6 guy at the time, and there was little .NET action going on, either that or I just didn’t know where to find it. I learned a lot there, mostly by answering other people’s questions after taking the time to figure them out. Erik Porter and I were actually given unofficial titles as "GotDotNet Gurus" by the GDN team (although unofficial it still made its way on my resume).

So yeah I’m going to the party this Friday, hope to see some familiar faces there, or at least those faces behind the names I know. Standard boilerplate invite to follow:

The Gotdotnet team is throwing a Birthday Party and all Gotdotnet users are invited! The party will occur at the Microsoft Visitor Center this Friday, November 18, 2005 between 6PM and 10PM. For more event details, see http://blogs.msdn.com/korbyp/archive/2005/11/14/492390.aspx or visit the Gotdotnet homepage.

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