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Channel 9 Update : Let there be Shows!

December 2, 2005

What Thanksgiving is over? I have to go back to work…allright, fine. 🙂

What does a Show on Channel9 mean? Its a way to organize content based on a theme, like the already-existing-inspiration-for-Shows-in-the-first-place, Going Deep Show which focuses on deep topics like Singularity and the Windows Memory Manager. Shows are also a way to promote series based content like the new ArcTalk Podcast Show.

Two bonuses for the Niner. First the episode interface, while on a specific Show page, episodes are offered up in an easy to consume in playlist-async style. Second, there is an RSS feed for each show, and not only is RSS cool, its cool because its useful.

Props go to Charles Torre for driving the concept and content creation/collection/consumption and Erik Porter who jumped in shortly after arriving on the team.

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