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ASP.Net 2.0 Points of Interest

December 2, 2005

Over the holiday weekend I read through new Professional ASP.Net 2.0 from Wrox, and I really enjoyed it. I came to it as an experiencedasp.net guy who has paid close attention to 2.0 until now (and man, am I in love!). The book was informative for me and actually I was surprised at the thoroughness. I would recommend it to anyone just starting ASP.Net as well.

When I read books and find information I may want to refer to, I usually start an index of the book. My bookmark gets filled with notes and page numbers. Now I don’t want to steal the thunder of the book, but I thought it may be interesting to list out my points of interest from this book. And hopefully you’ll be tantilized to go figure out what each tip means. 🙂

  • Page.RegisterStartupScript(,,,true) – adds script tags
  • Page.RegisterClientScriptInclude()
  • ICallbackEventHandler
  • Literal.Mode
  • WebControl.Focus()
  • AutoCompleteType
  • Button.OnClientClick()
  • Button.PostBackUrl
  • ListItem.Enabled
  • Image.DescriptionUrl
  • Panel.Scrollbars.Wrap
  • BulletedList Control
  • HiddenField server control
  • FileUplad server control
  • MultiView controls
  • Wizard Control
  • ImageMap Control
  • RequiredValidator.InitialValue
  • Validation Groups
  • BaseValidator.SetFocusOnError()
  • Label.FontSize
  • Nested MasterPages
  • ContainerSpecific MasterPages – specify per browser
  • Themes per Application, Page and Control
  • Theme vs. StyleSheetTheme
  • Themes consists of .skin file, CSS and Images
  • SkinID for multiple control templates in the skin file
  • [Themeable] attribute for custom classes
  • SiteMapDataSource
  • GridView
  • FormView
  • TreeView
  • Menu
  • SiteMapPath Control
  • URL Mapping
  • Personalization
  • Membership and Roles
  • ControlState vs. ViewState

That’s it, your quick study guide to get up to speed.

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