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Happy New Blog Year!

January 5, 2006

Its the 5th and I’m saying "Happy New Year!". Its 2006 and I’ve still got the PDC05 ch9 guy on my site. Yep, so I’m a little behind, but that has something to do with all the work.

Not suprising I am working on a new blog design, and when I do a new design I usually redo the codebase as well. This time I’m starting from scratch (again) using ASP.Net 2.0. My goal is to get the first rendition up by this weekend with commentary about the transition of moving over to the new version and what new features I am enjoyig (and those I am not). I’ll continue to update the site taking advantage of more and more ASP.Net 2.0 features. Overall VS2005 and 2.0 is awesome, and I’m so pleased to have real projects moved to 2.0.

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