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on10.net is live

March 13, 2006

Awesome, the day has come! 10 is alive and kicking.

Last week we launched a series of preview videos (first vignette one here) which provided some context to who the hosts of our show were going to be (Laura and Tina) and some additional clues and even a few riddles. I’m glad to see someone got the wallpaper riddle, but there were a few others that were left unsolved (or not talked about).

So then Saturday, we launch into our "live testing" campaign. We switch the domain to point away from our preview site to our live site and we’re up and running. Invite a few IM buddies, see who comes in on their own via rss or links and we’re off. Live content, live people. Smash bugs.

And now its Sunday, or early Monday and we’ve had another day of "live testing". The team blogs a bit more, others blog, Scoble blogs (nice compliments by the way) and we get "dugg".

Our goal is to create a kick-ass community site with original and interesting content. We put a lot of effort into this project and I hope its well received. So check it out, and send feedback.

Actually you can start right here. If you visit the site, you can click the Share dropdown and click "Blog it". Up will pop up a script that you can then copy on to your blog or web page and share an episode of the show.

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