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What makes 10 technically cool?

March 15, 2006

I was on IM with a friend and proudly I said "Hey, have you seen http://on10.net/?"

In a very direct way, he says "What makes this cool?"

Great answer. Time is one of the most valuable things, so you tell me why you think its cool. So my answer was:

"Technically its cool, because it was built by three devs in 5 weeks from scratch using ASP.NET 2.0, SQL2k5 and Atlas. Its a mashup of blogs, forums, local.live.com, Xbox Live and user blogs. We spent a lot of time on the UI with the goals being simple, responsive and smart. And we’ve got loads of feature ideas to add in the future."

And if you’re interested there’s a video up on channel9 of Scoble interviewing us on how the project came together. And yes, we are excited to, in the future, bring some 10 love to the Channel9 site.

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