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A virtual meetup for the 10 team

April 20, 2006

Tomorrow night (Thurs. Apr 20th) at 7pm PDT, we're having our first planned event on the 10 island.  The 10 island exists in the virtual world of Second LifeLaura and Tina are going to be there.  Scoble said he'd even try stop by.  Should be a fun time and offer us as the 10 team to virtually meetup with fans of the show and others who are just interested in what's we're doing.

 But a meetup in Second Life?  What's that all about?  I've another entry coming up just on games and playing habits, but for this case Second Life works perfectly.  Everyone can login for free, we've setup our own island (props to Eric Rice) and its pretty simple move around in and get started.  The most difficult beginner task is changing your avatar to look a little different than the standard cookie cutter beginner body.  But if you come to the party, we'll help you get started by giving you a free 10 shirt 🙂

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