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Post SL meetup thoughts

April 21, 2006

So around 7pm PDT tonight I jumped into Second Life for the planned 10 party.  We had some of the team there Laura, Tina, Erik and a little late due to technical difficulties Jeff.We had some fans of 10 show up and even some who had not heard of 10.  At the peak I'd say we had about 10 people there (fitting total), but it was a good learning experience.  We need a better place to dance. We need to update the video every day.  Its actually pretty interesting watching a 10 video from inside a virtual world.  Your avatar is sitting there on the couch watching real people on the big screen.  The world flipped inside out.

10 party in SL

It was fun getting to meet those who came, although we may have to meet earlier next time for those who came from the east coast and UK.  I didn't even think to take snapshots, I was trying to figure out how to share and use the dang spaceship I brought (I figured out afterwards, very cool), but luckily Chris did.  Here's a quick snapshot and he said he'll have more tomorrow.  Hopefully along with a new Geometry Wars wallpaper, too. 

Actually you should check out his site 360Style.net.  Lots of nice Xbox360 wallpapers on there.  Nice gallery UI as well.

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