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Launched supporting Firefox

May 6, 2006

Scoble brought up the issue of Firefox support not always making it as a requirement for the launch of Microsoft websites. He even suggests automatic low review scores for teams that ship without it.  Luckily with 10 we cleared the bar and launched with Firefox support (on the Mac as well), so hopefully no bad recommendations from Scoble 🙂

 But this isn't just a "hey, we're cool too" post.  I feel lucky to have joined Microsoft around this time, when they have started saying "We care about standards and the web."  I came as a Firefox guy, but now IE7 has taken its place as my browser of choice.  I feel very lucky to be on a team where standards and working n the web is valued.  When we were planning goals for the 10 launch a few big ones were XHTML validation, same browsing experience in IE and Firefox the same media offered in different formats (shelling out mp4s as well as wmvs, mp3s and wmas).  This is mirrored across Microsoft with the Windows Live efforts to compatibility, the release of ASP.NET 2.0 (much better html output and css support), MIX06 and the IE7 update.  The ideas are catching on though, what's that Scoble said before?  Its a like an aircraft carrier turning.  Not sure if its applicable, but I'll be watching.

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