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New Super Mario Bros on the DS

May 17, 2006

Mario on DS

There's a couple of good things going on here.  First, I found a link to the new Mario site via eyesoncreativity (just jumped on the 9rules train), which was recommended for its fun design that works for the content and the crowd.  A great example of how to use Flash well.

Second, the site is featuring the New Super Mario Brothers game which provides more innovative game play, new powerups, new moves, new worlds.  Mario is an awesome franchise. Whether its Tennis, Soccer, or another new world to conquer, Mario gets a seat in my house.  You'll notice in the screenshot above, this is a new multiplayer mode where Luigi and Mario are pitted against each other to grab the most stars.  Check out the new Mega-Mushroom power-up causing Luigi to go Godzilla on Mario (who's unfortunately hidden in the screenshot).

Third, I haven't really looked much at the Nintendo DS, but check out the auxillary display below showing the status of who's ahead.  Have you ever fired up a game on your multi-monitor pc and watched as your auxillary monitor goes to waste because the game doesn't take advantage of the extra real estate.  How great will it be when double monitors are more mainstream and you can rearrange different info panels across your monitors like you arrange panels in Photoshop or Visual Studio?

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