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Icon aid from the 10 community

May 22, 2006

This is very cool.  emkaydubu, a member of the 10 community who's been working on entries for the Custom PC contest asked for a copy of the 10 logo in eps format to work with for creating new designs.  I passed it along and in return I get this nice email including new icons for 10.  In his own words:

I made an updated icon + favicon for on10.net using the vector file.
I noticed that the current favicon for on10.net the color is different from the logo alot more darker, also I downloaded the current favicon and notice it includes the size 16, 32, 48, what i noticed is that the favicon should only have the size 16x16px icon version because in Firefox the favicon wont appear in menus and bookmark toolbars, only in tabs and address bar unless the icon only has the 16×16 size then it will appear in the menus and bookmark toolbars. I also made an icon with the 16, 32, 48 sizes for application use.

That's awesome.  Thanks man!  Now I've looked at the channel 9 favicon and realize I have a little cleanup work to do.

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