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Google Hacks: Star Frog Rock

June 16, 2006

So tonight I was talking Erik Porter and the song "Hell Yes" by Beck came on and Erik said, "Hey isn't that the video with the robots dancing?"  So I searched for "Hell Yes Video" on Google and funny enough his blog entry came up as the first entry in the search results!  He was actually just linking to a post on Boing Boing but since he used "Hell Yes Video" in the title of his entry and they did not he came up as the number one source (in addition to the fact that his blog is hosted on the highly-trafficed weblogs.asp.net site.

This reminds me of the passphrase hint question used on some sites for registration nowadays.  Type in some keywords and they let you reset your password.  Here, you save an entry with some unique keywords and you have an easier chance of making it to the top results list for Google.  That's why I've entitled this entry "Star Frog Rock".  It looks like a unique enough set of key words that hitting the top of the results list shouldn't be too hard, even for the amount of traffic I get.  I'll be checking back in two weeks to see where I rank (great way to end the month).

 Oh and here's one more fun item I noticed.  The error page on Google uses a text-based colored logo.  Just interesting to view that's all.

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