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Compiling Web Projects faster

July 12, 2006

We've been feverishly working on the new update to 10.  No, its just an update its version 1.0.  Its exciting, man,  I go to the current site now and it just hurts my eyes, I can't wait to share the new site. BUT, its not ready yet, very close though (after I finish up the other half of the UI tonight!, it will be extremely close :p)

Up until recently though the process has been troublesome.  Its been like this: code, code, code, code, compile …………….., look at modifed results, test scripts.  Ok, back to source, code, code, code, code, coffee sip, code, ignore phone, code, code, compile …………. close eyes ………

Compilation was taking forever!  It was one of those ignoring problems that you want to take the time to fix, but instead you use the compile time to go to the bathroom (the one 5 feet away at home).

But praise the calendar!  This week was Sampy's first week on the team. So we talked a bit, tried to find some tasks for him to do to get familiar with the 10 code base.  We figured out a 1st level task (talking WoW or any RPG terms now, its like a quest you get in Anvilmar to go out and kill 4 bunnies with broken legs).  His first mighty task was to get the solution to compile faster.  Now remember Sampy comes from a team that developed parts of Visual Studio, so thus, it should be simple.  And it was.

To compile solutions using project references with web projects (the new ASP.net 2.0 crazy kind), don't Build the Web Project when you build the solution.  There's no need to anyways.  My compile time went from around 90 to 240 seconds to around 20 seconds.  That's very noticiable when you compile and view as much as I do when rendering HTML.

Thanks Sampy!

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