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Coming Zune

July 21, 2006

ComingZune.com is interesting site refering to Zune which is something new from Microsoft.  The Niners seemed a bit turned off by the site in this thread.  I don't think its really that bad, and I dig the music by Regina Spektor and I don't think it was trying to hard to be a "viral marketing site".  Its just a "coming soon, give us your email for more info later".  Two issues though, it needs a skip intro button, as well as just a little  bit of enough like what can be found on Cesar Menedez's blog Zune Insider:

It’s Microsoft’s new, holistic approach to music and entertainment.

I think that would negate a bit of the furstration, as well an RSS feed alternative to email as suggested in the ch9 thread.  All in all, looks interesting and looking forward to find out more.

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