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Corporate Logos redrawn with a Web 2.0 brush

July 26, 2006


This is an interesting group to watch on Flickr: yay2dot0logoparody  I'm not sure where but I was linked to this on Yay Hooray! somewhere.  The idea behind it is that they are redesigning current recognizable corporate logos using the new styles that have become the trend for Web 2.0 companies.  So of course you will see lots of reflection effects, lots of bright colors and interesting ways to not spell words correctly (Flickr, SuprGlu, etc.)

After viewing the logos, I began thinking about the 2.0 spelling trend.  So why could that be happening, what helps make it cool?  One thing is that naming anything nowadays is very difficult, especially when you want to reserve a "cool name".com domain name along with it.  Unique spelling make that easier.  But did you notice that most of the letters missing are "e"s?  I wonder if there's a connection to the dot-com boom days?  "I just gave my e-mail to the e-commerce times because e-business is business and I should get an e-package in the snail mail someday".  (Actually that could be a true statement today)

So maybe that has something to do with it, we grew an aversion to the "e".  And now we just don't use it anymore.  I think I'm going to go register "adamkinny.com".

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