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Seed:The magic of the Singing Sands

July 28, 2006

Seed magazine is an awesome science mag I recently became aware of thanks to hanging around in airports lately.  Its very well designed magazine with interesting articles and it appears to get this current "Web 2.0" life a lot fo us are living,  As a testament the article I am about to link to provides the freshly-made obligatory link buttons to "digg" or bookmark on del.icio.us the story.  I dig Seed magazine.

Singing Sands

The article that prompted this entry is entitled The Secret of the Booming Dunes and covers the natural phenomenon of amazing sounds created by certain sand dunes when large amounts of sand is pushed or sheared.

I had actually heard of this before, but I had never actually heard the sound until now.  Below are direct links to movies that have captured a variety of sounds.  Imagine coming upon this 500 years ago.  Minus all the science in your head, it would sound as if spirits were singing.

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