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10 gets an update

September 25, 2006

Last week we updated the Microsoft 10 siteJeff talks about it here, mainly covering the fact that the code update was written to prepare for the conversion of Channel 9 and reach the goal of one code base running on multiple sites.  We’ve simplified the architecture down to four major constructs – entries, links, tags and users.  Tags, which run the show, acting as modifiers for every entry (Is this a blog entry or a forum entry?  What is about?  What language is it in? etc…)  I also took some time to beef up the design a bit and add some oomph, which was noted by Long Zheng here.

Now the cool thing is that during our actual deployment, Sampy has the camera running, in true Ch9/10 style, and interviewed us while we were deploying.  You can tell we’re pretty giddy after completing the update, but we try and add some value while looking like crazy people.  I’m hoping we’ll have the video up live tomorrow on Channel 9.

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