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Big Changes for MicrosoftGadgets.com including new forums

November 28, 2006

MicrosoftGadgets.com has completed its most recent metamorphisis today to a gadget builder’s reference site.  The forums have been locked as well as the gadget gallery.  Doom and gloom for the gadgets community?  No, not at all, in fact, it is a very good day for the gadget community.

We have created a new Forums group on MSDN Forums just for Gadgets, including seperate forums for Web Gadget Development and Sidebar Gadget Development.  This is a good move for a couple of reasons; first if you’re doing dev work with MS technologies there’s a good chance you already visit the MSDN forums in some frequency already, now when you’re there you can ask or read about Gadgets in the same place.  Second, the MSDN Forums have more functionality centered around techincal support (Was this post useful?, Did you get your answer? Alerts, Abuse Report, etc.).  And the third bonus is a greater presence of product team members to help.

Plus we have routed all newly created gadgets to be uploaded to Windows Live Gallery.  There you can find support for all types of gadgets, greater international support and a better chance for non-devs to find and use your gadgets due to their better integration with the rest of Live.

The Build section has been updated with the latest developer information, including a new Sidebar Gadget Tutorial you may want to take a look at (direct link).  Its definitely a good tool for getting started with your own Sidebar Gadget development.

MicrosoftGadgets.com and the Gadgets Community has grown along with me during my time at Microsoft, as it was one of the first non-Channel9 projects I worked on, and I’m happy to see it mature to this stage.  From a little blog at PDC 2005 (with a lot of rowdy comments) to a community site Nov. 1st 2005 to a strong building block for the new sites for the Gadgets Community at large.

Now, I’m off to go make a couple of gadgets…

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