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The 9 guy has been energized by WPF/E

December 4, 2006

So while waiting  for this WPF/E holiday,  I had the opportunity, to use and learn about WPF/E.  This sample of shown to the left is the current WPF/E media player for Channel 9.  So I started down the route of creating the best media player ever but once I got beyond some of the basic functionality, I learned hw to use Storyboards and Animation.  I was hooked, it was so simple to animate each individual shape or object.  I wanted everything to move!  This sample demonstrates an exercise in the Animation framework by running a total of 121 animations, all while playing video and serving as a media player.

Its all vector too!  No bitmaps involved, which allows for maximum flexibility.  This was also done all in Visual Studio, which I was using mainly as Notepad with color coding.  Microsoft Expression Studio was announced today as well, so you most likely will not be typing out your own xaml, but I had a lot of fun tweaking each and every object with all of the numbers in view.  One thing that makes hand-coding possible though is the speed of the engine.  You make a change in your xaml file, hit refresh on your page, and you get instant results.

Ok, I should stop, and take a breather.  I’m really excited about WPF/E and I plan to talk a lot more about it in the future.  I already have a list of little nuances I plan to share that I learned while creating this guy. Allright, I’m going to go check out the WPF/E forums.

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