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Whiteboard Drawings – blue dragon

January 31, 2007

Blue Dragon Stuff

Drawing on the whiteboard is something I do often.  Its hard to do because the surface is perpendicular to the floor (I usually end up standing on chairs) and you’re using a whiteboard marker which does not typically have a fine point.  At least the ones I have don’t have a fine point, now that I think about Tim Sneath has some pretty nice whiteboard markers in his office…

Anyways, this is was just an organic bunch of lines that came out while listening to good music and taking a break from the monitor. 

(full 1600 pixel version)

I started off with the the large image of the robed man, which was just an excuse to draw an arm and some reflective cloth patterns.  Then I zoomed out from the man, drew him smaller, not happy with the fat tip of the marker for detail, I drew an Asian styled dragon behind him.  I liked the dragon and dropped down to zoom in on his face, I was really digging the excessive whiskers.  Then I went back to the reflection theme and began drawing my hand in the shape of the dragon head.  Not happy only having one thumb to reflect the whiskers, I chopped them off and pointed the thumb straight up enjoying the fold under the middle finger.

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