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REMIX contest is live, win a free MIX07 ticket

March 9, 2007

The REMIX Contest is live.  This is your chance to show off your CSS and design skills and win yourself free admission to MIX07.  Admission is awarded to the top three winners, and we are handing out Zunes with Accessory Packs to the top 10 honorable mentions.

Mmm, Zune, I just got one today actually, I’m really digging the big screen.  And, no, this is not one of the prize Zunes.  So don’t worry about winning a used Zune.  Before I get myself into any trouble, here’s the official rules for the contest.

So enjoy the submissions (none at this time of posting) and submit your remix.  I am one of the judges and will be looking forward to seeing your submissions.

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