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Cruising at night with KEXP

March 23, 2007

There is something really nice about the combination of KEXP, Cruise Control and the late night.

I normally listen to music of my own, but when I’m ready for a surprise I listen to KEXP almost exclusively.  They are a unique station with music you won’t find on most stations.  And regularly the music is good enough that I try to remember the name of the band or at least the time that I heard the song.  The time works, because the have a real-time playlist on their site with streaming archives, and the name is obvious important to remember, but the key word in that previous sentence was “try”.  Unique music, brings unique names – “Arcade Fire”, “The  Trucks”, “Apples in Stereo”, “My Morning Jacket”, “Silversun Pickups”.  It can take a little while to get familiar with those names and not mash all of them into some form of poetry that is 80% nouns.

So now good music is playing for the late night drive home.  Flip on Cruise Control to 65, fast enough to make the curves enjoyable, slow enough to enjoy the ride.

This results in a smile, relaxation and mental images of art I want to create. 

Minh came through on some art today.  He added animation and music to the Niners interviewing each other.  Good job, Minh.

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