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MIX07 has sold out

April 5, 2007

…which reminds me, that I need to get my plane ticket.

I’m very happy to hear that MIX will have as full of an attendance as possible, providing the opportunity to get the most out of the conference.  Although sessions and keynotes are the driving factor for conferences, the in-the-hall sessions can be just as fun and valuable.

A few of the MIX sessions I’m looking forward to (unfortunately, no permalinks available) include:

  • “ZAP!, WHAM!, KAPOW!”: WPF and the Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading
  • Deep Dive into Integrating Media with “WPF/E”, Media Server and IIS7
  • Designing with AJAX: Yahoo! Pattern Library ( Bill Scott is the man )
  • Futures in Design
  • Ink for Designers and Developers
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Getting Unstuck: Enhancing Designer & Developer collaboration for mutual success

Plenty of others but those stand out amongst the rest right now.

If you did not get the chance to register, you still have a few more days to submit an entry to the REMIX contest to win a ticket.  The contest has definitely been heating up, though, here’s two recent kick ass entries:

QuadriColor Mix

QuadriColor Mix

Horror Flick 2

Horror Flick 2

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