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Stepping back in with a non sequitur

April 25, 2007

For a few reasons I have been absent from the online world as of late, the online world meaning Channel 9, IM, blogs I read and more importantly in this context, the blog I write.  So rather than spend time writing an “I’m back” message, why not come back with something unexpected.

I certainly didn’t expect this to happen. 

Catching up on blogs, I ran into my pal Rory’s feed and was pleasantly greeted with 3 new posts.  After reading his Comic – Interrogation post.  I was struck by how much I enjoy his art and his creativity.  Still thinking through the “Mars-witch leopard with a stinger” concept…

The story was vivid enough that a visual popped in my head of Rory’s creations turning the tables on him and “drawing” him.  I grabbed my sketchbook and a pen.  I never draw straight with a pen and always prefer using pencils first, but I admire those who can ink without sketching and thought I would take on the challenge.  Once the image was drawn, photographed, resized and cropped in Photoshop, I added a stylized portrait of Rory on to the stick man’s canvas.

Mars-witch leopard with a stinger

Dang, I just realized I forgot the stinger…

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