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Back in the Saddle

June 4, 2007

MIX07 was awesome.  I was involved in supporting the VisitMIX site, posting an array of Silverlight screencasts on Channel 9 and a few other community events.  I was lucky enough to go a few sessions, including the WPF Comics session which impressed me enough that I had to blog about it right away.  I have notes on a few of the other sessions I’d like to share, but those notes would be about month late so who knows how useful they would be.

After MIX07, I pretty much dropped off the Internet.  No blogging, no Ch9 forums, no IM, no email.  After the conference I flew from Vegas to Indiana to visit my ailing father.  After I was able to spend 6 days with him, he passed away.  I was very grateful for the chance to be there with him and my family for the last couple of days and there with my mother during the last few minutes.

This is the beginning of my third week back at work after being “offline” for almost two and a half weeks.  I feel like I’ve caught back up now, took a little to get back up to speed which was not surprising (out of the office three weeks including the conference trip).  I wanted to start this week out right and one of the things I’ve been wanting to do is write more.  I have so much queued up to write about and a large amount of art and experiments to share and I just haven’t taken the time.  Or I think I have to get everything perfect before doing it.  But I can tell you that with the mind set I am now, no need to wait or hold yourself back.  Live life now, because now is the only time you can be sure you have.

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