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My old job is now listed on the career site

June 29, 2007

Official Job Listing on the career site

Well its not exactly my old job, Duncan has taken over the dev lead role (Congrats to Duncan), but it does include a lot of the client and UI work I was handling.  I like the skill set description they used:

We are looking for someone who lives and breathes HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and ASP.NET. The ideal candidate will have skills in all those technologies combined with a passion for design and user experience.

But here’s the meat of what makes the job great:

Do you like to ship, takes chances and effect change? Do you want to build cool sites that use Silverlight and Atlas to deliver a great user experience? Then come join our group where you’ll find a small dynamic team of folks and you’ll swear you are part of startup.

Its part of your job to learn the latest technologies, create and innovate.

Now, to forward this link on to a few people that may be interested…

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