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Started using the Silverlight wiki on Channel 9

July 24, 2007

Part of taking on this new role has involved a lot of research.  I’m consuming large amounts of inbound data from multiple blogs and search feeds, primarily focused on Silverlight.  I’m happy to see there is a lot of talk about Silverlight and RIAs in general, as well as plenty of people who have jumped in and written about their experiences.

I’ve started to track relevant links via del.icio.us, but I thought it would also be useful to share and structure this content in a more accessible way.  Thinking about the screenshots I’ve seen for the next version of Channel 9, I thought I’d use their wiki in anticipation of the update.

The first three pages to go up include Games made with SilverlightCommunities and Upcoming Events.  The next page I’m planning to add is a list of tutorials.

And in true form to the Channel 9 tradition of “RSS Everywhere”, the wiki has its own feed: http://channel9.msdn.com/wiki/rss.aspx?namespace=Silverlight

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