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Facebook Developer Garage, Seattle, Tuesday night

July 27, 2007
Facebook Developer Garage Seattle logo

I am planning to go to the Facebook Developer Garage event on Tuesday night at the Capitol Hill Arts Center.

I’ve seen a few interesting Apps built on the Facebook platform and I can see the potential of the concept.  Beyond testing and studying, I have been hung up on the Facebook = Blackhole, Whirlpool, Vortex described by Jeremiah Owyang.

I can deal with leaving my aggregator and visiting my Facebook homepage, just to get a picture of my life through navy (#3b5998, the “Facebook blue”) rimmed glasses.  My time in Facebook has been fun and rather interesting. I even find out about cool events like the Facebook Developer Garage (thanks go to Beth for attending first).

But then when I want to check on Groups I am a member of, I have to open another page to see updates.  My mini-feed spoils me with everything else, but only shares group info when someone joins or leaves a group.  From my point of view they appear to be adjectives people are labeling and de-labeling themselves with.

I think there’s more you could do with groups.  Notifications about discussion threads and photos might be nice, maybe a Group info panel for Group Admins, a list of shared links.

This sparked my initial interest in FB App Development.  I was cut short, though, by the fact that the API exposes little Group info.

As a workaround it was suggested by someone in the Developer forums that you could still leverage the Group info to build a SuperGroups App which could then offer more custom functionality.  But then you’re stuck rewriting existing functionality, doing more work then you should have to be.

I also think it would be interesting to add Apps to Group Profile pages.  I wouldn’t mind having an App that uses Silverlight on the Silverlight Group page.

So this is one of the reasons I thought I’d attend the Facebook Developer Garage event. I’m guessing others may have ideas on Groups and Apps and RSS and blackholes.

The other reason is because of their snazzy logo.

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