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From the Facebook Dev Garage back to campus

August 2, 2007

Last night, I headed out with Erik Porter to attend the Facebook Dev Garage in Seattle.  Now as a disclaimer we did get there an hour late, but when we got there we ran into a wall (pictured to the right).  A wall of 3 people deep just to get into the standing room only room where the actual presentation was going on.  I could feel the heat flowing out of the room like I was standing behind an air conditioner.

To be fair, we did show up an hour late, so getting a seat was not too big of a surprise.  Although after talking to Karsten, I’m wishing we showed up about 2 hours late when the presentation was over and the open discussion and drinks began.

We went the geek route though and went back to campus and jumped into planning out an App of our own.  Once we had a plan on how our App would leverage the FB platform in a smart way, we started hacking out an App.  Actually there wasn’t much hacking, it was more like pushing or tapping.  We reviewed the API, the docs and figured out how to create a Hello World App.  More on the App as it progresses, not much to show now.

One highlight of the night was finding the <fb:silverlight /> FBML tag.  The element is undocumented and after searching, I found a link that led me back Kartsen’s post on Flitterbook where he slightly hinted at its existence.

After testing the tag in our own App, it was clear it had been written using the MIX bits of Silverlight and was not currently functioning and our App dreams were dashed.  Or at least currently put on hold.

I spoke with Karsten about this today and offered to write up how at least in initial implementation could work similar to the current <fb:swf /> tag.  It takes a preview image which once its clicked (activated) it becomes a player.  And waa-laa you have WMVs playing in your Facebook App.

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