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Pandora brings music to Facebook

August 2, 2007

I know iLike has been there for awhile now, but I’m a big fan of Pandora.  So once I read they had come to Facebook, I thought what great fodder for another drawing.  I really enjoyed the pirate Rory run in ArtRage last night, so here is another one using the same technique.

  1. Sketch in pencil
  2. New Layer
  3. Ink with a thin pen
  4. New Layer
  5. Ink with a thick pen
  6. New Layer
  7. Paint the base colors
  8. New Layer
  9. Paint the Shadows
  10. Drop Opacity
  11. New Layer
  12. Paint the highlights
  13. Drop Opacity
  14. Export

Messy but quick, which can be fun especially when you’re rocking out to Chemical Brothers on Pandora.

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