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Animated kitchen schematic in Silverlight

August 9, 2007

.silverlightHost {height: 300px;width: 500px;background-color:#FFF;}

As I went to brew my morning coffee this morning I noticed something subtle but great.  Some kind kitchen engineer had stopped by and switched the locations of the microwave and coffee supplies.  The coffee supplies were next to the iCup, otherwise known as the coffee machine.  It was a brilliant move and something I wanted to shout out loud.  Not wishing to disturb my office mates though I thought perhaps an animation would work as well.

var scene = new KitchenSwitch.Page(); Silverlight.createObjectEx({ source: “/labs/sl/kitchenswitch/Page.xaml”, parentElement: document.getElementById(“SilverlightControlHost”), id: “SilverlightControl”, properties: { width: “100%”, height: “100%”, version: “1.0” }, events: { onLoad: Silverlight.createDelegate(scene, scene.handleLoad) } });

A bit gratuitous for a simple reorganization?  Perhaps; but it was also a perfect chance to develop my Expression blend skills a bit more.

KitchenSwitch source is available here.

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