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Photo recap of Silverlight presentation in Second Life

September 4, 2007

Last Thursday I attended Brad Abrams’ presentation about Silverlight on Visual Studio island in Second Life.  The experience was unique including a variety of attendees (top hats, wings, horns, etc.) a flying presenter and vertically stacked screens.

Tim Heuer was not too impressed and due to some technical issues and general acclimation to the virtual world.  I can understand though, if I had not been in Second Life before I would not have prepared for the experience.  The graphics are not impressive, we topped out performance and the controls are not too intuitive ( I still have trouble navigating my camera).

But the potential is definitely there and the ideas really started flowing once I saw the giant wall of screens and then especially when Brad flew over to the Silverlight poster on the left side of the stage.

Above is one of the screenshots from the presentation.  The full set is available on flickr.

Brad has own screenshots available as well as links to the demos and slides.

Ultimately I think the idea of virtual 3D presentations is fun and worth exploring and I’m glad we’re dipping our toe in the water.  I’ll think I’ll look for more Second life presentations to get ideas on how others are taking advantage of the virtual world.

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